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Hide This IP does not impose ANY bandwidth limitation which makes us ideal for watching videos and downloading files. We are compatible with many video sharing websites and support video downloading. Browsing through us keeps you both anonymous from the sites you visit, and allows you to bypass any network restrictions. Hide Your IP address from any website on the internet! Bypass your workplace, college or school network restrictions from any country. Anonymously bypass Firewalls and Filters with ease on our secure network. HideThisIP.net allows users to view restricted content of any website from most devices in any country.

HideThisIP is powered by the 4everproxy Network

This service offers many features not found on other proxy websites such as support for all Qualities on video websites and the ability to change the location of the server you are connecting to - this allows you to make it appear that you are browsing from different locations. By default we rotate IP addresses for each outgoing request and use a unique encryption for every user. Hide This IP enables all users to remain anonymous and hide your location from any part of the world.